Sculptures by Joseph Wagenbach

About 110 sculptures, some of which seemed to be in unfinished condition, were found in Wagenbach’s house. When the house was emptied in 2007, about 80 sculptures were saved and became the basis for the Joseph Wagenbach Foundation.

The following photos allow viewing single sculptures and the rooms they inhabited - these shots were mostly taken on-site and are part of the ongoing assessment of Wagenbach’s oeuvre.

Some of these sculptures have been cast in bronze in a small numbered editions of 3-6 copies, or as unique copies, like Wagenbach’s hand-sized string squeezers (“string-mice”).

See sculpture galleries below.

    Sculpture Gallery: Chimera & Assorted Creatures

    Sculpture Gallery: Human Studies

    Sculpture Gallery: Rooms

    Sculpture Gallery: Assorted Objects