About the Foundation

The Wagenbach Foundation was founded in 2009, three years after the discovery of Joseph Wagenbach’s life and oeuvre. The reclusive immigrant from Germany had created a pandemonium of sculptures in his small house on Robinson Street, Toronto, where he had resided since 1962. After a severe stroke in 2006, Wagenbach was not considered well enough to live on his own and forced to reside in several retirement houses, before he was taken in into a basement apartment at Crawford Street, Toronto. However in summer of 2007 disappeared from there, traceless to this date.

Mandate of the Foundation

The Joseph Wagenbach Foundation manages Wagenbach’s artistic legacy. This encompasses the archiving of his works and research into his biography, the creation of a digital inventory, the organization and curation of national and international shows of his work and the dissemination of information about his Art work. The institute is also issues limited edition prints of select drawings and bronze casts of his original sculptures.