Activities of the Foundation


  • Group Show - Kunstverein 2017 - Joseph Wagenbach’s Dream is Iris Häussler’s Nightmare:

    More about the exhibition external link Kunstverein in Hamburg 2017 external link

  • Daniel Faria Gallery at “Villa Toronto” 2015: Union Station, Toronto Villaraster external link
  • Daniel Faria Gallery, Toronto, 2013: “Also Known As…”
  • Toronto International Art Fair 2009: The Joseph Wagenbach Foundation premiered selected bronze casts of Wagenbach's oeuvre at the TIAF, 2009, as guest of Grita Insam Gallery, Vienna. Curated by Axel Jablonski


  • Luis Odette Sculptor in Residence at York University, Toronto, 2014 Casting a new series of Wagenbach’s sculptures; holding two talks about the Joseph Wagenbach Foundation. With Axel Jablonsky, Liechtenstein. Fine Arts York University external link

Other Events

  • NoreadingAfterTheInternet: Salon-reading; 18 January 2015 Union Station, Toronto. In collaboration with VILLA Toronto.